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Yank with OSC52/PASTE64.
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Clipboard integration by Operating System Controls from Vim

  • Clip selected text.
  • Clip text in the register.
  • Support multibyte characters.


For dein.vim.

call dein#add('greymd/oscyank.vim')



  • Step1: Select text.
  • Step2: Type :Oscyank which displays '<,'>Oscyank.
  • Step3: Selected text will be stored to your clipboard through OSC.


  • Step1: Yank text.
  • Step2: Contents in the register is stored to your clipboard through OSC by executing :OscyankRegister .

Other features

This plugin supports not only normal terminal but also following terminal multiplexers.

FYI: Author's usage

" set spece key as a Leader
let mapleader = "\<Space>"
noremap <leader>y :Oscyank<cr>

Select something and type <space> + y.



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