2D action game for browsers. Uses only core dart libraries for its engine.
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Lonely Robot Lost In Space

Lonely Robot Lost In Space is a little 2D action game made to learn some technologies. Until 0.3, it used only the core dart language libraries and the latest HTML5 specification. Anyway, it's canvas and dart:html powered.

Test Lonely Robot Lost In Space now!

Work in progress

The game is not ready. There is no documentation so getting a look at the code is at your own risk. Please consider coming back in a few days!

I'm going to build it with an agile workflow. Versions will follow : "0.x" with 'x' the sprint number.

  • Previous versions :
  • 0.1.2 (february, 14) initial commit
  • Latest stabilized 0.2.1 (february, 15) input and gameloop rewritten ; overall architecture improved ; game renamed as the game design is ready
  • Nightly version : 0.3 - I'm going to use gorgonDart from now.


The assets are under the Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-NC). The code is under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


You can test the game at greyna.eu/Lonely-Robot-Lost-In-Space.

Check my website greyna.eu if you want to know more about me but take care, it's one year old.