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Add info for SD Media Launcher (Europe)

Added dump info provided by toxic9.
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greyrogue committed Jun 22, 2018
1 parent 9eaab6c commit c2ce91edafda862b10d13bb2074a3925cb4e3a06
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@@ -53,6 +53,14 @@
<skipcrc crc100000="082BCA36" skipfill="00"/>
<skip start="01F00000" stop="570FFFFF"/>
<game name="Datel SD Media Launcher (Europe)">
<description>Datel SD Media Launcher (Europe)</description>
<rom name="Datel SD Media Launcher (Europe).iso" size="1459978240" crc="CAE79340" md5="92F09D17BA4859C09C5E1ACC72A84488" sha1="B24CE60308560D888EEC10EF071595AC890F194D"/>
<skipcrc crc100000="BAEE06DD" skipfill="00"/>
<skip start="01F00000" stop="4FFFFFFF"/>
<skip start="50100000" stop="570FFFFF"/>
<game name="Datel Action Replay (v1.14A)">
<description>Datel Action Replay (v1.14A)</description>

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