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NAF (Network Application Framework) is an open-source Java NIO framework that is designed to stick to the basics of switching I/O and be easy to use.

It supports and provides:
- TCP and UDP based clients and servers.
- Non-blocking reads: Instruct it to to call your code back after either
  receiving a specified marker byte (eg. a Newline, for Internet-style
  text-oriented protocols) or a specified number of bytes.
- Non-blocking writes: NAF will complete the write for you without further
  intervention, if it would have blocked.
- Millisecond Timers: You can have any number of timers outstanding, each
  of which will call back the nominated handler on expiry.
- Non-blocking SSL (as client, as server, with client certs, etc)
- Non-blocking DNS Resolver API: Issue A/CNAME, PTR or MX requests, and your
  code will be called back when the answer is available.
- Blocking DNS Resolver API: Conventional synchronous interface to the above,
  for applications which have not been coded as NAF callbacks.
- DNS-Server framework: You provide the backend data-retrieval, but all the DNS
  protocol and encoding/decoding is done for you. Ideal for embedding in test
  suites that require deterministic DNS responses.
- A lock-free single-threaded execution environment based on the Reactor
  pattern. Parallelism can be provided by adding more Dispatcher threads.
- A built-in management agent, which you can view and control via your web
- Config-driven application setup: The naf.xml config file lets you easily
  specify which tasks and classes to invoke, without having to rebuild your

See the NAF home page at for more info.
Non-trivial sample applications are also included in the NAF source tree, to illustrate NAF's features.


Clone me as follows:
	git clone git:// ossnaf-git

See ./ossnaf for Readme and licencing info - ossnaf/README.txt contains the build instructions.
Note that ossnaf/README.txt also appears in the binary release of NAF and is worded accordingly, but obviously this is the full source tree, here on GitHub.
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