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XSLT Quick Reference

This is a quick reference/cheatsheet for XSLT 1.0 elements and their attributes, along with the available XPath functions.

I'm building it for two main purposes:

  1. For use with Dash on OS X - it's the perfect app for all sorts of API/reference lookups
  2. To serve as a reference section on Pimp My XSLT so I can easily point people to a URL that explains a specific element

It's primarily meant to be used whenever you can't remember all the attributes of, say, the <xsl:number> instruction - after a quick look at this, you're back in business (Of course – it has to be level="multiple" #facepalm).

I hope to be able to add some concise examples for all elements and functions (when they'd make sense).

Glaring errors, omissions or falsy information?

Feel free to use the issue tracker or perhaps even fork the repo and submit pull requests for discussion, if you see anything that's missing.

Dev notes

I use CodeKit for preprocessing the LESS file, which also runs Autoprefixer on the compiled CSS so I can write as much real CSS as possible. A simple bash script transforms the XML file with the list of elements into a single HTML file. Yay, XSLT!

Chriztian Steinmeier, 2013–2015


Simple non-technical reference for lookup from e.g. the Dash app or for linking to simple explanations from various posts.




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