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Object Builder [ReDuX] is a complete rebuild of a tool I built centenniae ago. This time with CoffeeScript, LESS and Eco templates
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Object Builder [ReDuX]

This is a complete rebuild of an old tool I built many centenniae ago. This time with CoffeeScript, LESS, Kit, Eco templates and PrismJS.

The online version is up there as well; it looks something like this:

Screenshot of Object Builder ReDuX


To run the app you'll need a webserver of some sorts. I used to use Pow because it's dead simple to setup on a new machine. Pow automatically serves static files in the public directory so once you've configured the app as a Pow site it should be working. Nevertheless, since CodeKit 2 was released, I've been using its internal web server though, since it's one less thing to worry about.

I use the Nimbus Sans Extended font from Typekit so you'll have to configure your own Typekit account if you want to use that. You'll need to replace the script in the _type.kit file (or directly in index.html) with your own Typekit code.


For development I use TextMate and CodeKit - CodeKit does the on-the-fly compilation of LESS, CoffeeScript and Kit files, whenever I save one of those.

The miscellaneous outputs (languages) are rendered using Eco templates which are compiled with a Cake command:

> cake eco:compile


  • Add a Copy Code button to the output
  • Add a way to save an object and create others


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