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Umbraco Razor Quick Reference

This is a quick reference/cheatsheet for use when writing Razor views/partials for Umbraco

Screendump of the Filter & Order category

There's two main purposes for this:

  1. For use with Dash on macOS - it's the perfect app for all sorts of API/reference lookups, as it can use the editor's context for opening the correct bundle (Razor) and search for the "current" word.
  2. To serve as a reference section on a website so you can easily point people to a URL that explains a specific property/method.

Feel free to use the issue tracker or perhaps even fork the repo and submit pull requests for discussion, if you see anything that's missing.


  • Uses @LeaVerou's awesome Prism for syntax-highlighting the code samples

DEV Notes


I use CodeKit for preprocessing LESS and Kit files, and a bash script to transform the XML file with the list of methods into a single HTML file. Yay, XSLT!


The data for this has been (and continues to be) collected from various sources - mainly from the v6 Strong Cheatsheet PDF, but also from the Umbraco source code and docs. It's a single XML file in the src/data folder.

The codesamples are also in a separate XML file, so contributing a small code sample for a property or function should be super easy. (Just imagine if that was a JSON file and you had to escape all the double quotes... crickets ... :-)

Chriztian Steinmeier, 2018