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Simple app to track me as I cycle around the world.
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Where is Grey?

A simple app to plot my progress around the world.

How it works

  • Route taken (so far) is built up from check-ins from my SPOT GPS tracker. Every 10 minutes a job is run to ask SPOT for all recent check-ins, and stores them (since SPOT stop making them available after 7 days)
  • If there's a discontinuity (e.g., I take a ferry across a sea) I manually mark it as such on the check-in. Otherwise all check-ins are assumed to link up
  • Proposed route map is stored as a KML document, which is then parsed and plotted on a Google map

Technical setup

  • Postgres database
  • Sinatra backend
  • Webpack/ES6 frontend

To run locally:

bundle install
npm install
bundle exec rake db:seed
bundle exec shotgun (watches and rebuilds backend)
npm start (watches and rebuilds front end)

Potential improvements

  • Explanation page (what is this website)
  • Stats page (per day elevation, hours ridden, miles travelled)
  • Better info windows on route so far (better information)
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