JSON Patch, JSON Pointer, and JSON Schema Validation in Objective-C
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JSON Tools (Objective-C)

by Gregory Combs
(MIT License - 2014)

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JSON Patch, JSON Pointer, and JSON Schema Validation in Objective-C

This Objective-C library is a collection of classes and categories that implement three powerful new features (JSON Patch, JSON Pointer, JSON Schema) that work with JSON data (represented by NSDictionaries and NSArrays in Objective-C). Unit tests are included for each component.

To Run the Tests

To build the test project, be sure to do the following:

  1. Install CocoaPods (use homebrew) if you haven't already.
  2. Run pod install from the command line.
  3. Open the newly created JSONToolsTests.xcworkspace document not the JSONToolsTests.xcodeproj document.
  4. Hit Command-U to run the tests.


  • JSON Patch - IETF RFC6902: Create and apply operation patches (add, remove, copy, move, test, _get) to serially transform JSON Data. This functionality was inspired by Joachim Wester's JavaScript implementation of JSON Patch.

    • Example Patch Copy:

          #import "JSONTools.h"
          #import "JSONDeeplyMutable.h"
          - (void)examplePatchCopy
               NSMutableDictionary *obj = nil;
               NSMutableDictionary *expected = nil;
               NSDictionary *patch = nil;
               obj = [@{@"foo": @1,
                        @"baz": @[@{@"qux": @"hello"}]} copyAsDeeplyMutableJSON];
               patch = @{@"op": @"copy",
                         @"from": @"/foo",
                         @"path": @"/bar"};
               [JSONPatch applyPatches:@[patch] toCollection:obj];
               expected = [@{@"foo": @1,
                             @"baz": @[@{@"qux": @"hello"}],
                             @"bar": @1} copyAsDeeplyMutableJSON];
    • Example Patch Generation (JSON Diff):

          #import "JSONTools.h"
          - (void)examplePatchGeneration
              NSDictionary *objA = nil;
              NSDictionary *objB = nil;
              NSArray *patches = nil;
              NSArray *expected = nil;
              objA = @{@"user": @{@"firstName": @"Albert",
                                  @"lastName": @"Einstein"}};
              objB = @{@"user": @{@"firstName": @"Albert"}};
              patches = [JSONPatch createPatchesComparingCollectionsOld:objA toNew:objB];
              expected = @[@{@"op": @"remove",
                             @"path": @"/user/lastName"}];
  • JSON Pointer - IETF RFC6901: Reference and access values and objects within a hierarchical JSON structure using a concise path pattern notation. This functionality is based on Jonathan Dring's NSDictionary-CWJSONPointer.

    • Example:

          #import "JSONTools.h"
          - (void)exampleJSONPointer
              NSDictionary *obj = @{
                  @"data": @{
                      @"foo": @[@"bar", @"baz"],
                      @"bork": @{
                          @"crud": @"stuff",
                          @"guts": @"and things"
              NSString *result1 = [_obj valueForJSONPointer: @"/data/foo/1" ];
              // Yields -> "baz"
              NSString *result2 = [_obj valueForJSONPointer: @"/data/bork/guts"];
              // Yields -> "and things"
              NSDictionary *result3 = [_obj valueForJSONPointer: @"/data/bork"];
              // Yields -> {"crud": "stuff","guts": "and things"}
  • JSON Schema with Validation - IETF Draft v4, 2013. This functionality is based on Sam Duke's KiteJSONValidator but adds additional validations and tests for the JSON-Schema format parameter.

    • Example #1:

             "schema": {
                 "type": "array",
                 "items": { "$ref": "#/definitions/positiveInteger" },
                 "definitions": {
                     "positiveInteger": {
                         "type": "integer",
                         "minimum": 0,
                         "exclusiveMinimum": true
             "validData": [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5],
             "invalidData": [-12, "Abysmal", null, -141]
             Assuming that variables are assigned using JSON above: 
               schema is an NSDictionary
               validData and invalidData are NSArrays
          BOOL success = NO;        
          JSONSchemaValidator *validator = [JSONSchemaValidator new];
          success = [validator validateJSONInstance:validData withSchema:schema];
          // success == YES, All validData values are positive integers.
          success = [validator validateJSONInstance:invalidData withSchema:schema];
          // success == NO, invalidData array isn't comprised of positive integers.
    • Example #2:

          NSDictionary *schema = nil;
          id testData = nil;
          BOOL success = NO;
          JSONSchemaValidator *validator = [JSONSchemaValidator new];
          validator.formatValidationEnabled = YES;
          schema = @{@"format": @"date-time"};
          testData = @"2000-02-29T08:30:06.283185Z";
          success = [validator validateJSONInstance:testData withSchema:schema];
          // success == YES, February 2000 had 29 days.
          schema = @{@"format": @"ipv6"};
          testData = @"12345::";
          success = [validator validateJSONInstance:testData withSchema:schema];
          // success == NO, the IPv6 address has out-of-range values.