Reading/parsing a GIS shapefile in iOS (iPhone or iPad), and displaying geometry shapes with MapKit on iOS
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Latest commit 2c24010 Apr 20, 2016 @grgcombs Quick update to Xcode 7.3
- Storyboard
- ARC (of the demo app)
- MapKit updates
- compiler warnings and errors

Still needs:

- .gitignore
- cleanup/conversion/update/refresh of Proj.4


* iOS-Shapefile is a proof of concept for reading/parsing an ESRI shapefile (.shp) on an iPhone or iPad
	and displaying the resulting shapes in MapKit.
* It's built on Pascal Brandt's intial Cocoa work at

* My changes consist of removing dependency on garbage collection, and
	a rudimentary sample app showing district polygons for the Texas Senate.
* This proof of concept doesn't take "holes" in polygons into consideration.

* This doesn't cover how to write or edit shapefiles, since I didn't see much utility for that in my iOS projects.

* I've included an iOS targeted PROJ.4 framework (  To be honest, I don't know
	where I initially found this iOS specific build.  However, I'm sure you can find another suitable
	one for iOS floating out there somewhere if you need to.  I haven't made any changes to it.

* Also, it should go without saying that if the shapefiles are already in EPSG-4326 projection, then you shouldn't need Proj.4.