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Reading/parsing a GIS shapefile in iOS (iPhone or iPad), and displaying geometry shapes with MapKit on iOS
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Latest commit 6082bd7 @grgcombs committed with Updated the project to latest Xcode. Cleaned out compiler warnings. A…
…lso simplified the code related to transformed map projects, shape file names, etc. Added Nevada counties as another available example


* iOS-Shapefile is a proof of concept for reading/parsing an ESRI shapefile (.shp) on an iPhone or iPad
	and displaying the resulting shapes in MapKit.
* It's built on Pascal Brandt's intial Cocoa work at

* My changes consist of removing dependency on garbage collection, and
	a rudimentary sample app showing district polygons for the Texas Senate.
* This proof of concept doesn't take "holes" in polygons into consideration.

* This doesn't cover how to write or edit shapefiles, since I didn't see much utility for that in my iOS projects.

* I've included an iOS targeted PROJ.4 framework (  To be honest, I don't know
	where I initially found this iOS specific build.  However, I'm sure you can find another suitable
	one for iOS floating out there somewhere if you need to.  I haven't made any changes to it.

* Also, it should go without saying that if the shapefiles are already in EPSG-4326 projection, then you shouldn't need Proj.4.
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