Sorted and Hashed versions of Sets and Dictionaries as Arne Anderson trees in urweb.
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Sorted Map, Sorted Set, Unordered HashMap, Unordered HashSet functors for Ur/Web

based on Arne Anderson Tree as listed in wikipedia.

with tests on inserts, membership after deletes, and AATree properties.

The Haskell version I made first has been tested with QuickCheck and passes tests for all AATree properties

to build it

export C_INCLUDE_PATH=/path-to-your-urweb-installation/include
export LIBRARY_PATH=/path-to-your-urweb-installation/lib

# C file used in lib/lib_hashable/src/Hashable for hashTree, hashSet, hashMap
cd lib/lib_bits/src/c
gcc -c Bits.c
cd ../../../..

urweb aatree_test_v3

# execution
./aatree_test_v3.exe -p 8081 &   # -p <server port>

browser http://localhost:8081/

# when done, if the server has been started in background
killall -TERM aatree_test_v3.exe

Repeating page retrieval makes the test use different input random data.

# ** an intermediate data structure for hashMap buckets

urweb listMap_test

# test as above.

urweb unordHashTree_test

# test as above.


Like Haskell instance constraints

functor MkSortedSet(Q: sig
                       con item :: Type
                       val ord_item: ord item
                     end) = struct ... end

we factor out the "ord item" constraint from the methods signature.


structure IntSortedSet = Set.MkSortedSet( struct
                                type item = int
                                val ord_item = ord_int

structure IntSetOps = SetOps.MkSetOps (IntSortedSet)

val mySortedSet = IntSortedSet.fromList (3 :: 1 :: 2 :: [])

structure HI = Hashable.HashableInstances

structure StringHashedSet = Set.MkUnordHashSet( struct
                      type item = string
                      val eq_item = eq_string
                      val hashable_item = HI.hashable_string

structure StringSetOps = SetOps.MkSetOps (StringHashedSet)

val myHashedSet = StringHashedSet.fromList ("ab" :: "cd" :: [])

structure IntKeyedSortedMap = Map.MkSortedMap( struct
                      type key = int
                      val ord_key = ord_int

structure IntKMapOps = MapOps.MkMapOps (IntKeyedSortedMap)

val mySortedMap = IntKeyedSortedMap.fromList( (1, "ab") :: (2, "cd") :: [])

structure StringKeyedHashMap = Map.MkUnordHashMap( struct
                      type key = string
                      val eq_key = eq_string
                      val hashable_key = HI.hashable_string

structure StringKMapOps = MapOps.MkMapOps (StringKeyedHashMap)

val myHashedMap = StringKeyedHashMap.fromList( ("ab", 1) :: ("cd", 2) :: [])

fun main () : transaction page = return <xml>