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UberFTP 2.9

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@fscheiner fscheiner released this 09 Feb 15:47
· 9 commits to master since this release


  • Prevent uberftp from hanging when the command socket closes (#1)
  • Never delete the destination file when writing has failed (#3; #5)
  • Include various changes from the development branch (#7)
    • Add IPv6 (and extended address) capabilities (by @prelz)
    • Allow for 32bit builds (by @JasonAlt)
    • Fixed recursive listings (by @JasonAlt)
  • Autotools cleanup (#8)
  • Documentation and meta data updates (#9, #10, #13, #14)
  • Addition of RPM specfile (#15)


UberFTP 2.9 uses EPSV and EPRT (see RFC 2428 for details) to support both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. To maintain compatibility from a Globus GridFTP service, use the configuration options epsv_ip 1 and epsv_match 1 for the PI (frontend process) of that service if its PI(s) and DTP(s) (backend process(es)) are located on different hosts.

Errata advisory

Unfortunately an "issue" with the cat functionality of UberFTP 2.9 (though already in version 2.8) went unnoticed until after the UberFTP 2.9 sources reached EPEL/Fedora and was only detected during functional testing of the resulting RPM packages.

UberFTP adds an UNIX newline to the output for both text and binary files in ASCII and binary transfer modes. This makes using the output in a pipeline - for example to hash its contents - at least irritating if you aren't aware of that. This is only relevant for non-interactive use.



Corresponding CI builds

Download URL for UberFTP source tarball:

SHA512 hash of tarball:


Packages are available from:

  • EPEL (for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, 8, 9 and CentOS 7, CentOS Stream 8 and 9 and RockyLinux 8 and Scientific Linux 7)
  • Fedora (for Fedora 36)
  • openSUSE Build Service (for SLES 12 (SP3), 12 (SP4), 12 (SP5), 15, 15 (SP1), 15 (SP2), 15 (SP3) and openSUSE Leap 15.2, 15.3, 15.4 and Tumbleweed)