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GCT 6.2.20190226 (maintenance release)

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@fscheiner fscheiner released this 26 Feb 14:09


  • Python 3 support for globus-net-manager

    • Build using Python 3 for Fedora 30+
    • Enable checks
  • Improvements for file systems that encounter listing timeouts (merged from old GT upstream)

  • Remove Globus usage statistics collection support

  • Add su option to logrotate file (needed for newer logrotate versions)

  • Fixes to doxygen documentation and man pages

  • Minor build fixes

  • Removal of some unused files from the source tree



Corresponding CI build

Download URL for GCT full source tarball:

SHA512 hash of tarball:


NOTICE: Singular source tarballs of GCT components can be found on New tarballs for this release are dated 2019-02-26.

Packages are available from:

  • Debian (for Debian unstable (Sid))
  • EPEL (for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS and Scientific Linux 6 and 7 (currently in EPEL updates-testing!))
  • Fedora (for Fedora 28 and 29 (currently in Fedora updates-testing!))

NOTICE: As a preview, packages are now also available from the OpenSUSE Build Service (for SLES 12 (SP3), 12 (SP4), 15 and OpenSUSE Leap 15.0, 15.1 and OpenSUSE Tumbleweed). To install follow these exemplary instructions for the globus-common package (which are also valid for the other packages).