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@gridcoin gridcoin released this Aug 5, 2017 · 2437 commits to master since this release

Gridcoin Research
Leisure Upgrade

  • RPC: getblockstats, enhancements to getmininginfo, remove unused commands, add debug1-10 commands
  • GUI: Prevent crash recv items list, toolbar align, remove unused menus, fix splash screen dismissal bug, allow copy paste for certain fields, TxList double click Message, remove Galaza, diagnostic screen fix, QT58 support, icons
  • Dependencies: OpenSSL 1.1.0 support, C++11 support
  • Translations: Lithuanian, Russian, Swedish and Chinese and various other Countries
  • Buffer overflow protection
  • Remove dead code
  • Neural Network: UTC timestamps
  • Thread Safety: Added global lock
  • High CPU Usage: Improved
  • Staking: Removed repetetive block signing and 1 cent staking and reboot bug for beacons, updated beacons in memory after advertising, clearer stake messages, kernel improvements
  • Log: Use more efficient log command
  • Config File: Auto Backup
  • ARM: Optimization to build
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