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[] 2022-02-27, leisure, "Janice"

The Gridcoin core developers are proud to release which represents the
Janice milestone. This is actually a very large leisure release. On the surface
you will notice few changes, but there were a lot of updates under the hood,
including a number of bug fixes that should make the operation of the wallet a
lot smoother.

I would like to call out @barton2526 and @div72 specifically for their
contributions to this release. @barton2526 did a tremendous number of important
ports of functionality/changes/fixes from upstream. @div72 worked on some
critically important areas, including implementation of a Github integrated
automated release build capability, that will be used for this and succeeding
releases (See #2249.) There were other significant contributors too. Janice
was truly a group effort.

While this version is not a mandatory, I have noticed some nodes are still
running or In particular I STRONGLY urge folks running versions
prior to to upgrade, as there have been many bug fixes since the release that can affect the operation of the wallet, not to mention
the advancement of the GUI.

Enjoy. The next milestone is Kermit's Mom, which is going to be a mandatory and
will include some big items, including the long awaited MRC.

Jim Owens

Specific user notes:

  1. The -reindex option has now been implemented to allow rebuilding the block-
    chain transaction database from the block data file. This is similar to a
    bootstrap but uses the in-place blockchain data files instead. Similarly the
    existing -loadblock option has been improved to accept multiple data files.

  2. The blocks on the main screen will now show a percent progress indicator
    during sync.

  3. The CPID detection code in the wallet now prefers the CPID implied by the
    email configured in the wallet in the case multiple CPIDs are indicated in
    the boinc client_state.xml file (i.e. a potential split CPID situation).

  4. A privacy mode has been implemented for the GUI main screen that can be
    activated by Ctrl-Shift-M.

  5. -rpcwait and -rpcwaittimeout have been implemented following upstream

  6. Obsolete config settings are now removed from the config file to help
    eliminate confusion from no longer used settings and remove the old beacon
    keys (pre-Fern), which are no longer valid (and haven't been for a long time).

  7. Fix for the bug that would result in the current poll not being properly
    updated on the main screen, especially after a poll expires.

  8. Alt-7 was assigned as the hotkey for locking and unlocking the wallet in
    the GUI. (Alt-1 through Alt-6 select the Overview - voting buttons.)

[] 2022-02-27, leisure, "Janice"