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Open source Gridcoin website

Want to edit the wiki?

See more information about that process here

Interested in contributing towards the whitelist?

Head on over to the data folder to get more info.

Building Locally

This uses the Jekyll Site builder

Install Jekyll

For installation of Jekyll, please follow the installation guide for your operating system.

Build guides

Ubuntu Linux guide

  1. sudo apt-get install git

  2. git clone

  3. cd Gridcoin-Site

  4. bundle install

Windows guide

  1. Install Git for windows

  2. Use Git GUI to clone gridcoin Repo


  1. Go to the location you store Git Repos and Rightclick -> Gitbash here, then run git clone

  2. Go to Gridcoin-Site folder (or whatever you specified when pulling the repo) Shift+RightClick -> Open Cmd Prompt Here or Open Powershell window here(Win 10)

  3. Run bundle install

How to Update gems

Delete Gemfile.lock and run bundle install

For running the development web server

bundle exec jekyll serve

WSL notes

If you're running through WSL you need to use the flag --force-polling with the above command or it will not regenerate automatically on changes.

If you wish to access it from another device you need to use this workaround. Remember to change the ports that are opened.


Open source Gridcoin website




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