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There are currently four places where you can get community built binaries for Linux distributions:

* [// ppa:gridcoin/gridcoin-stable] for Ubuntu. (i386, amd64, armhf)
* Debian builds are tricky right now because we have had great difficulty with Bintray. There are builds on Rocket/Slack, be sure to ask. * [// openSUSE Build Service] for Fedora and openSUSE. (i585, x86_64) * [// AUR package] for ArchLinux`

NOTE: For low memory devices or cloud instances with <= 1GB of RAM, a swap file is imperative or gridcoin will crash on startup.

Using the Ubuntu PPA

[// Ubuntu Repository Help] has a great page on all the ways to add repositories to your system.


Use add-apt-repository to help manage all your PPAs

sudo apt-get install python3-software-properties  # installs add-apt-repository
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gridcoin/gridcoin-stable
sudo apt-get update

You have two choices for the wallet; a headless daemon or a graphical interface. (QT)

To install the wallet with graphical interface:

sudo apt-get install gridcoinresearch-qt

To install the headless daemon:

sudo apt-get install gridcoinresearchd

Creating config file.

Using Arch Linux


The following stable AUR packages exist for running on Arch Linux:

Qt client:

Headless (daemon) (replaces the old gridcoinresearch-daemon package):


git (dev) packages exist as well (for building latest commit and not release):

Qt git client:

Headless (daemon) (replaces the old gridcoinresearch-daemon package):

Creating config file

Once Gridcoin is installed you will need to set-up the configuration (conf) file.

From command line:

   nano ~/.GridcoinResearch/gridcoinresearch.conf

Creating config file.

If you are using the "nano" command line editor, press CTRL+O to write the file information, and then CTRL+X to exit.

For any other editor, use the save file function and exit the file

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