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Step by step guide for safe upgrade:

  • Uninstall Gridcoin client from add/remove programs
  • Delete all folders related to Gridcoin from C:\Program Files
  • Show hidden folders, files, and drives (In Folder Options, View tab)
  • Go to %AppData%\Roaming\GridcoinResearch\ and delete all content EXCEPT your wallet.dat and gridcoinresearch.conf files, and walletbackups directory
  • Download new GridcoinResearch.msi
  • Right click, install as administrator
  • Create a shortcut of your choosing
  • Right click said shortcut, then click Properties. Go to Compatibility tab and tick Run this program as an administrator. Click Apply, then OK
  • Let it sync
  • Unlock wallet with "For Staking Only" ticked to begin staking blocks

''Note that if you receive a C++ runtime error after upgrading you probably need to re-download your blockchain. This can be done by following step 4 and restarting wallet. If the problem persists, try reinstalling the client altogether and make sure to delete anything left over in Program Files (x86) directory after uninstalling, as required in step 2 above.

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