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import gzip
import json
import umsgpack
import numpy as np
from pathlib import Path
import pendulum
import requests
import sys
import time
import xmltodict
import base64
# For captn proto
from __future__ import print_function
import os
import capnp
import boinc_schema_capnp # Import our captn proto schema
# Protobuffer
from Config.PROTOC_OUTPUT import protobuffer_pb2
def write_json_to_disk(filename, json_data):
When called, write the json_data to a json file.
with open(filename, 'w') as outfile:
json.dump(json_data, outfile)
def write_msgpack_bin_to_disk(filename, json_data):
Store msgpack data as bin on disk
with open(filename, 'wb') as f:
umsgpack.dump(json_data, f)
def return_json_file_contents(filename):
Simple function for returning the contents of the input JSON file
with open(filename) as json_data:
return json.load(json_data)
except IOError:
print("File not found: "+filename)
return None
def read_msgpack_bin_from_disk(filename):
Extract stored msgpack data from disk
with open(filename, 'rb') as f:
return umsgpack.load(f)
def extract_xml_step(xml_row):
Multiprocessing the extraction of key info from selected xml items!
TODO: Handle varying XML format (different contents, validation, etc..)
if (xml_row.get('id', None) != None) and (xml_row.get('total_credit', None) != None) and (xml_row.get('expavg_credit', None) != None) and (xml_row.get('cpid', None) != None):
#print("attr exists")
if (float(xml_row['expavg_credit']) > 1):
To save resources we enforce a min RAC of 1.
Alternative: 'total_credit > 1' (Includes many inactive accounts)
return {'id': xml_row['id'], 'total_credit': xml_row['total_credit'], 'expavg_credit': xml_row['expavg_credit'], 'cpid': xml_row['cpid']}
# Less than min RAC - skip user.
return None
Filtered out - will only occur if the project has customized the contents of their user xml gz files.
If this occurs then please raise an issue on github.
print("WARNING: XML Attr doesn't exist!!!")
return None
def open_protobuffer_from_file(filename):
"""Read the existing project file"""
with open(filename, "rb") as file:
project = protobuffer_pb2.Project() # Defines the protobuffer!
return project
except IOError:
print(filename + ": File not found. Creating a new file.")
return None
def write_protobuffer_to_disk(filename, target):
"""Write the project file to disk"""
with open(filename, "wb") as file:
def write_captnproto_to_disk(filename, target):
"""Write the project file to disk"""
#with open(filename, "wb") as file:
# file.write(target.SerializeToString())
with open(filename, 'w') as file:
def ListUsers(Project):
"""Print the users"""
for user in Project.users:
print(str( + " " + str(user.total_credit) + " " + str(user.expavg_credit) + " " + str(user.cpid))
def download_extract_stats(project_name, project_url, quantity_projects):
Download an xml.gz, extract gz, parse xml, reduce & return data.
file_path = "./STATS_DUMP/"+project_name+".json"
need_to_download = True
existing_file_check = Path(file_path)
if existing_file_check.is_file():
print("File existed!")
File exists - check its contents
TODO: Read msgpack | protobuffer instead of JSON?
existing_json = return_json_file_contents("./STATS_DUMP/"+project_name+".json")
#existing_bin = read_msgpack_bin_from_disk("./STATS_DUMP/"+project_name+".msgpked_bin")
#existing_protobuffer = open_protobuffer_from_file("./STATS_DUMP/"+project_name+".proto_bin")
now = # Getting the time
current_timestamp = int(round(now.timestamp())) # Converting to timestamp
if (current_timestamp - int(existing_json['timestamp']) < MAX_STATS_LIFETIME):
"""Data is still valid - let's return it instead of fetching it!"""
print("Within lifetime")
need_to_download = False
"""No existing file"""
print("{} stats too old - downloading fresh copy!".format(project_name))
if (need_to_download == True):
"""No existing file - let's download and process it!"""
downloaded_file = requests.get(project_url, stream=True)
print("Downloading {}".format(project_name))
if downloaded_file.status_code == 200:
# Worked
with, 'rb') as uncompressed_file:
"""Opening GZ & converting XML to dict"""
print("Downloaded {}".format(project_name))
if project_name == "YOYO@Home":
with, 'rb') as extra_uncompressed_file:
"""Opening nested GZ & converting XML to dict. TODO: Attempt this on failure to xmltodict parse?"""
file_content = xmltodict.parse(
file_content = xmltodict.parse(
print("Converted. Now Processing: {}".format(project_name))
xml_data = []
project = protobuffer_pb2.Project() # Defines the protobuffer!
Users = boinc_schema_capnp.Users.new_message()
captn_user = Users.init('user', len(file_content['users']['user'])) # Initialise an array of 'user' objects
user_iterator = 0
for user in file_content['users']['user']:
user_xml_contents = extract_xml_step(user)
if user_xml_contents == None:
# Filter it out
#user_xml_contents['cpid'] = str(bytes.fromhex(user_xml_contents['cpid']))
user_xml_contents['cpid'] = str(base64.b64encode(bytes.fromhex(user_xml_contents['cpid'])))
current_id = np.int64(user_xml_contents['id'])
current_total_credit = float(user_xml_contents['total_credit'])
current_expavg_credit = float(user_xml_contents['expavg_credit'])
current_cpid = user_xml_contents['cpid']
# Protobuffer
proto_user = project.users.add() = current_id
proto_user.total_credit = current_total_credit
proto_user.expavg_credit = current_expavg_credit
proto_user.cpid = current_cpid
# Captn Proto
captn_user[user_iterator].id = current_id
captn_user[user_iterator].total_credit = current_total_credit
captn_user[user_iterator].expavg_credit = current_expavg_credit
captn_user[user_iterator].cpid = current_cpid
user_iterator += 1 # For iterating captn_user
now = # Getting the time
current_timestamp = int(round(now.timestamp())) # Converting to timestamp
before_json_write = # Getting the time
write_json_to_disk('./STATS_DUMP/' + project_name + '.json', {'json_data': xml_data, 'timestamp': current_timestamp}) # Storing to disk
before_msgpack_write = # Getting the time
write_msgpack_bin_to_disk('./STATS_DUMP/' + project_name + '.msgpked_bin', {'json_data': xml_data, 'timestamp': current_timestamp}) # Storing to disk
before_protobuf_write = # Getting the time
write_protobuffer_to_disk('./STATS_DUMP/' + project_name + '.proto_bin', project)
after_protobuf_write = # Getting the time
before_captn_write = # Getting the time
write_captnproto_to_disk('./STATS_DUMP/' + project_name + '.captn_bin', Users)
after_captn_write = # Getting the time
return before_json_write, before_msgpack_write, before_protobuf_write, after_protobuf_write, before_captn_write, after_captn_write
print("ERROR: {}".format(project_name))
# TODO: Skip this project when attempting to read from disk!
except requests.exceptions.ConnectionError:
print("Error connecting to {}".format(project_name))
"""Existing file detected. skip!"""
def initialize_project_data():
"""Initialise BOINC project statistics into memory."""
init_project = return_json_file_contents('./Config/init_projects.json') # [{"project_name": "SETI@Home","user_gz_url": ""}, ...]
all_projects_time_taken_list = []
current_project_value = 0
for project in init_project:
"""Iterating over all projects in config file"""
print("Checking : {}".format(project['project_name']))
before_json_write, before_msgpack_write, before_protobuf_write, after_protobuf_write, before_captn_write, after_captn_write = download_extract_stats(project['project_name'], project['user_gz_url'], current_project_value)
all_projects_time_taken_list.append({'project_name': project['project_name'], 'time_to_write_json': before_json_write.diff(before_msgpack_write).in_words(), 'time_to_write_msgpack': before_msgpack_write.diff(before_protobuf_write).in_words(), 'time_to_write_protobuf': before_protobuf_write.diff(after_protobuf_write).in_words()})
current_project_value += 1 # Iterator for captn proto
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