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GridDB C Client


The GridDB C Client provides a C interface for GridDB.
This repository also includes simple samples.
Please refer to the API(C) section in API Reference for detailed information.

Operating environment

Library building and program execution are checked in the environment below.

OS:             CentOS 7.3(x64)
GCC:            Version 4.8.5
GridDB server:  Version 4.0 CE(Community Edition)

Quick start

Build a C client

Run the make command like the following:

$ cd client/c
$ ./
$ ./configure
$ make 

and create the following file and links under the bin/ folder.

Execute a sample program

GridDB server need to be started in advance.

$ cp client/c/sample/sample1.c .
$ gcc -I./client/c/include -L./bin sample1.c -lgridstore
$ ./a.out <GridDB notification address(default is> <GridDB notification port(default is 31999)>
  <GridDB cluster name> <GridDB user> <GridDB password>
  -->Person: name=name02 status=false count=2 lob=[65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74]

Note: The gridstore.h file on client/c/include folder is used for building.
Note: There are some samples on client/c/sample folder.


Refer to the file below for more detailed information.


  • Issues
    Use the GitHub issue function if you have any requests, questions, or bug reports.
  • PullRequest
    Use the GitHub pull request function if you want to contribute code. You'll need to agree GridDB Contributor License Agreement(CLA_rev1.1.pdf). By using the GitHub pull request function, you shall be deemed to have agreed to GridDB Contributor License Agreement.


The C client source license is Apache License, version 2.0.
See 3rd_party/ for the source and license of the third party.