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* <b>Install docker</b>
First of all install docker.
Make sure that it works. $ docker --help
After that you can use docker compose command for defining and running containers.
* <b>Edit docker-compose.yml</b>
Edit docker-compose.yml file to change some parameters, such as mysql root password and network settings.
Docker compose use default network ( to connect the containers.
Please note: if default network overlaps with your existing networks, you need to create new network (as example: by using command:
"docker network create --driver=bridge --subnet= my_new_network". You can find more information and parameters at this link:
And specify this network in the docker file:
name: my_new_network
* <b>Use existing test results DB: </b>
We need to run only three containers: Jaas, Jaasdb and WebUI. And connect it to the existing database.
Please edit docker-compose-with-existing-results-db.yml:
Need to add hostname into JWC_JDBC_URL, specify login/password on the JWC_JDBC_USER/JWC_JDBC_PASS on the jagger-web-client container section.
After that need to add hostname into JAGGER_DB_DEFAULT_URL, specify login/password on the JAGGER_DB_DEFAULT_USER/JAGGER_DB_DEFAULT_PASSWORD on the jagger-jaas container section.
After editing start three containers run "docker-compose -f docker-compose-with-existing-results-db.yml up -d".
* <b>Use new test results DB: </b>
We need to run four containers: Jaas, Jaasdb, Jaggerdb and WebUI.
To start all four containers simply run "docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up -d" on the docker/compose/ directory.
* <b>How to build docker image and push it to the docker hub:</b>
Building and pushing docker images to the Docker Hub via maven allow us use variables and artifacts built from Maven project.
For build images need to specify profile: mvn install -Pdocker
Docker images will be created locally. After that you can to tag it and push in any repository using docker commands.
For build and push images to repository: mvn deploy -Pdocker
By default images will be created and pushed to the griddynamics account in the Docker Hub.
You can find latest version of docker compose files on the nexus. We create compose package which include compose*.yaml and directory "files", package it to the zip archive and push to the nexus.