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@@ -6,35 +6,35 @@ Jagger is a free application suite for continuous performance testing.
Jagger features:
-* <b>Full Automation »</b>
+* <b>Full Automation</b>
Fully automated test run from CI tools, results tracking and alerting.
-* <b>Distributed Testing »</b>
+* <b>Distributed Testing</b>
Distributed workload generation and monitoring.
-* <b>Embedded Monitoring »</b>
+* <b>Embedded Monitoring</b>
Collection of system metrics and JVM metrics via JMX or SNMP.
-* <b>Embedded JVM Profiler »</b>
+* <b>Embedded JVM Profiler</b>
Sampling profiler for Java applications and hot spots detection.
-* <b>Results Warehousing and Browsing »</b>
+* <b>Results Warehousing and Browsing</b>
Test results saving to DB and web console for results browsing.
-* <b>Advanced Workload Management »</b>
+* <b>Advanced Workload Management</b>
Specify workload as a function of time, CPU utilization, memory usage and more.
-* <b>Passive Performance Measurements »</b>
+* <b>Passive Performance Measurements</b>
Load arbitrary metrics from external sources to Jagger and involve them into analysis.
-* <b>Functional Validation under Workload »</b>
+* <b>Functional Validation under Workload</b>
Automatic capturing of expected results before performance test.
-* <b>Open Configuration »</b>
+* <b>Open Configuration</b>
Override any component and write test scenarios in Java, Groovy, or JRuby.
-* <b>Simulation of Network Failures and Maintenance Operations »</b>
+* <b>Simulation of Network Failures and Maintenance Operations</b>
Simulate packet losses, communication delays, nodes restart in cluster environment.
-* <b>Commercial Support »</b>
+* <b>Commercial Support</b>
Enterprise class support and consulting available.

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