Jagger Release Notes

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Jagger release notes

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Jagger 2.0 Release Notes

January 13, 2017

Release presentation

Video: main features overview (RUS)

We are pleased to announce the release of Jagger 2.0, an open source framework for Continuous Performance Testing developed by Grid Dynamics.

The main theme of this release is usability, which breaks down into the following areas:

  • Simplified framework deployment using Docker containers
  • Simplified programming model for load test development
  • Better out-of-the-box HTTP protocol testing support
  • Introduction of REST API for accessing test results
  • Jagger as a test service
  • Reworked documentation

Framework deployment

From now on, deployment of the full Jagger framework in Docker containers will only take a few minutes. Documentation

Load test development

We have prepared a new test project template. Now you can develop your tests in pure Java. Documentation

HTTP protocol support

We put extra effort into simplifying the http load test implementation. Documentation

Jagger as a Service

Our new JaaS component -- Jagger as a Service -- lets you submit new load scenarios via REST API to the running framework on either one or multiple environments. You can send new tests to the environment without restarting the framework and control execution flow via API.

The new Jenkins JaaS plugin allows you to build CI pipelines with JaaS. JaaS exposes REST API for test results access and pdf report generation.


New documentation covers all aspects of the load test development, test results management, and building Continuous Performance Testing.

Previous releases

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