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Building GridLAB-D


CCMake or CMake-gui (optional)
g++ or Clang



Clone the git repository for GridLAB-D and update submodules:

git clone
cd gridlab-d
git submodule update --init

Prepare out-of-source build directory

Create build directory and move into it:

mkdir cmake-build
cd cmake-build

Generate the build system

CMake flags can be added using the -D prefix, and different build systems can be selected using -G.

Below is a general format guide, and an actual viable build command for most platforms.

# Format:
cmake <flags> ..

# Full Example: 
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=~/software/GridLAB-D -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -G "CodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles" ..

Build and install the application

CMake can directly invoke the build and install process by running the below command. Multiprocess build is enabled through the -j# flag (-j8 in the included example).

# Run the build system and install the application
cmake --build . -j8 --target install

CMake Variables

The following variables affect the build process and can be changed using the -D flag at build generation or by updating the cache using ccmake or cmake-gui (default values are shown).

Variable Valid Values Description Linux/Mac Default Windows Default
CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE 'Debug', 'RelWithDebInfo', 'MinSizeRel', 'Release' Compiler optimizer configuration Debug Debug
CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX Any path Install location /usr/local %ProgramFiles%
GLD_USE_HELICS ON/OFF Enables detection and use of HELICS OFF OFF
GLD_HELICS_DIR Any path Hint indicating HELICS install directory
GLD_USE_MYSQL ON/OFF Enables detection and use of MySQL OFF OFF
GLD_MYSQL_DIR Any path Hint indicating MySQL install directory
GLD_DO_CLEANUP ON/OFF Remove files from old GridLAB-D build processes OFF OFF

Enable building with HELICS

To enable HELICS set the GLD_USE_HELICS flag to ON if HELICS is in a custom path set GLD_HELICS_DIR to the install location in CMake or as an environmental variable

Enable building with MySQL

To enable MySQL support set the GLD_USE_MYSQL flag to ON if MySQL is in a custom path set GLD_MYSQL_DIR to the install location in CMake or as an environmental variable

Enable build debugging

To output all build commands during build, set following flag to ON