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@itakouna itakouna released this Oct 8, 2019

Add sync mode
The library now can be fully controlled through a context
Auto retry when a server returns 5xx and 424 HTTP codes
Add a default configuration for the client

Server type is now limited to pre-defined values
Storage type is now limited to pre-defined values
IP address family is now limited to pre-defined values
Loadbalancer algorithm is now limited to pre-defined values
All time-related properties are a type of GSTime (a custom type of time.Time)
Friendly godoc.

Fixed bugs when unmarshalling JSON to concrete type (mismatched type)

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@itakouna itakouna released this Sep 5, 2019


  • Add support for Locations
  • Add support for Events
  • Add support for Labels
  • Add support for Deletes


  • Heavily code refactoring to improve code quality
  • Achieve 95% test coverage
  • Achieve 100% compliant golang code conventions based on goreportcard
  • Power-off server if graceful shutdown fails
  • Backward compatibility for server creation API
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@fkr fkr released this Aug 23, 2019 · 202 commits to master since this release

Welcome 0.2.0


  • Add support for LBaaS (GH-2)
  • Add support for PaaS (GH-6)
  • Add support for ISO Image Handling (GH-8)
  • Add support for Object Storage (GH-11)
  • Add support for Snapshots (GH-12) and Snapshot Scheduler (GH-13)
  • Add support for Firewall Handling (GH-14)


  • Unit Tests for all functionality
  • Logging support
  • Many examples have been added
  • Consistency as well as language styles improved
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