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This component takes a <svg> at first, and let us able to draw each step, beat and measure lines at once. The component handle multiple time signature with the stepsPerBeat, beatsPerMeasure attributes.
This component is a lot inspired of FL Studio (obviously).

Demo (CodePen)


Methods :

  • .pxPerBeat( pxBeat<Number>

    This method is used to zoom on the SVG by modifying the background-size, if we call .pxPerBeat( 64 ) each viewBox's beats has a width of 64px.

  • .timeSignature( beatsPerMeasure<Number>, stepsPerBeat<Number> )

    This method will specify the time signature to the SVG, by default it's (4, 4). The measures are represented by a strong line on our canvas, the beats by a normal line and the steps (who are the beat's subparts) by a smaller line.

  • .render()

    Generate a SVG URL. This URL is set as the background of the component sent in parameters to gsuiBeatlines.


  • fill: #000;

    Changing the fill property to choose your own color for the measures/beats/steps bars.
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