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This component takes a <canvas> at first, and let us able to draw the result of getByteTimeDomainData (MDN) by calling a .draw method with the Uint8Array. The component is written in a way to let the user being able to overwrite the draw, by applying a specific color to the CanvasRenderingContext2D (MDN) directly with some specific callbacks.

Demo (CodePen)


Methods :

  • .setResolution( width<Number>, height<Number> )

    This method will call canvas.width = width; canvas.height = height;. It will impact the quality, to have the best quality we need to keep the resolution synced with the canvas dimension with getBoundingClientRect.
    Calling setResolution will not fire another draw.

  • .setPinch( pinch<Number> )

    pinch is a Number between 0 and 1. It will pinch the extremities of the curve to add a nice round effect.
    By default the value is 0 (disabled).

  • .draw( data<Uint8Array> )

    Draw on the canvas a curve representing the current waveform of the audio. data has to be created with getByteTimeDomainData.

  • .drawBegin( fn<Function> )

    This method let us able to overwrite the begin of the draw method. We can choose the color of the curve etc.
    We have to pass a function who will receive 4 arguments : the CanvasRenderingContext2D, the max dB recorded on the previous frame and the canvas' width, height.
    Note that if we want to overwrite this function, we will need to clearRect our canvas ourself.
    By default it's set to :

     this.drawBegin( function( ctx, max, w, h ) {
     	ctx.clearRect( 0, 0, w, h );
     	ctx.lineWidth = 2;
     	ctx.strokeStyle = "#fff";
     } );
  • .drawEnd( fn<Function> )

    This method is the symmetry of drawBegin. The function will be called just before the stroke call for drawing the curve.
    The function will receive the same arguments than drawBegin except the max dB will concern the current frame.
    There is no default function.

  • .clear()

    Clear the canvas by calling clearRect.