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This component takes a <canvas> at first, and let us able to draw the result of getByteFrequencyData (MDN) by calling a .draw method with the Uint8Array. The component use colors instead of bars' height to render the frequencies which leads to need only 1 dimension, so the Canvas' resolution can be really small for the same quality.

Demo (CodePen)


Methods :

  • .setResolution( width<Number> )

    This method will call canvas.width = width;. It will impact the quality, to have the best quality we need to keep the resolution synced with the Uint8Array.length. There is no need to specify another dimension because our spectrum visualization use different colors instead of different heights.
    Calling setResolution will not fire another draw.

  • .draw( data<Uint8Array> )

    Draw on the canvas (with multiple different color fillRect) the audio frequencies given by the data array who has to be created with getByteFrequencyData.

  • .clear()

    Clear the canvas by calling clearRect.