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- "Cheat codes" that correspond to non-existent configuration files are now rejected as invalid (Issue #185; PR #186)
- `libstdc++` has been excluded from Linux PyInstaller bundles, preventing a crash that coincided with opening a native file-chooser dialog on ArchLinux (Issue #189, PR #191)
- The "syncing" system tray icon animation will no longer continue to animate endlessly if a folder is removed/stopped before it finishes syncing (Issue #197, PR #200)
- Gridsync will now use atomic writes for all local configuration file updates (Issue #212, PR #214)
- The default Qt MainWindow toolbar context menu has been disabled, preventing the situation in which a user might accidentally hide the toolbar with no way of re-showing it until the application re-launches (Issue #215, PR #216)

## 0.4.2 - 2019-04-06
### Added

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