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@@ -28,10 +28,13 @@ The Gridsync project intends to overcome some of Tahoe-LAFS's usability barriers
* Desktop integration -- Gridsync can (optionally) start automatically on login and provide notifications when certain operations have completed.
* Easy sharing -- Gridsync uses the `magic-wormhole`_ library to provide human-pronounceable "`invite codes`_" for joining storage grids and sharing folders with other users.
* Simple recovery -- Gridsync's "`Recovery Key`_" subsystem allows connections and folders to be easily restored from a single file in the event of a disaster.
* `Tor support`_ -- Gridsync can tunnel outgoing connections through the `Tor`_ anonymity network, concealing users' network location from storage service providers and each other.
.. _magic-wormhole:
.. _invite codes:
.. _Recovery Key:
.. _Tor support:
.. _Tor:
.. [*] Tahoe-LAFS' "Magic Folder" functionality is not (yet) fully supported on macOS or other BSD-based operating systems and is presently marked as experimental.

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