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crwood committed Oct 3, 2018
1 parent 9a15a63 commit dcdf3c6efe05a860d1a2e9152f41a69d62dbecb0
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- An "action" button/column has been added for each folder/row, making folder-specific actions accessible via left-click (Issue #89)
- A (very) basic "About"/version dialog has been added, accessible via the systray menu
- A "history" view has been added, displaying a chronological record of recent changes made to magic-folders and enabling per-file actions (Issue #92, PR #116)
- A "status panel" has been added alongside the history view for showing grid-related status information in a more compact manner (PR #116)
- Support for high-DPI "retina" displays has been enabled for macOS ".app" bundles (PR #116)
### Changed
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- The main/status window's title will now include the name of the currently-active grid
- The Preferences pane has been detached into a floating Preferences window with per-section "tabs" (Issue #117)
- The MainWindow toolbar has been updated; text labels have been added beneath buttons and some actions have been re-organized (Issue #106)
- The MainWindow status bar has been replaced with a "status panel", showing grid-related status information in a more compact manner (PR #116, PR #123)
### Removed
- The "default" provider section of `config.txt` has been removed; organizations wishing to deploy a modified Gridsync client with pre-configured settings are encouraged to use a ["cheat code"]( instead

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