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Fix backslash-escape in Windows Vagrantfile

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crwood committed Jul 10, 2019
1 parent ff3e937 commit fba08c46b767d78a9c0fdae4d86b8cc0c268555b
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  1. +2 −2 vagrantfiles/windows/Vagrantfile
@@ -54,8 +54,8 @@ Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|
#config.vm.provision "file", source: "", destination: "~/"
config.vm.provision "shell", env: {"CI" => "true"}, inline: <<-SHELL
cd ~
py -m zipfile -e C:\\vagrant\\ .\gridsync
cd .\gridsync
py -m zipfile -e C:\\vagrant\\ .\\gridsync
cd .\\gridsync
.\\make.bat test
ls .\\dist

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