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Great DANE

Great DANE is a suite of tools designed to enable users to send secure, private emails without having to explicitly exchange public keys. By default, email is sent in the clear (without encryption) and unsigned (unauthenticated). S/MIME solves both of these problems by encrypting and signing emails, however it requires you to have the certificate belonging to your correspondent, presenting a chicken-and-egg problem. By using the DNS as a secure distributed database for S/MIME certificates, we can eliminate this barrier and finally make email completely confidential and authenticated.

For more information on DANE SMIMEA, please see the IETF RFC.

Great DANE for Horde Webmail

Great DANE for Horde Webmail consists of a plugin for Horde IMP, a popular, open-source, web-based mail client.

The plugin retrieves and installs public S/MIME certificates from the Great DANE Engine for each recipient of outgoing emails.


Install Horde and IMP, preferably using PEAR, as specified in the linked instructions for each package. Great DANE for Webmail has been tested on CentOS 7 using the following Horde packages:

To install Great DANE for Horde Webmail, you must copy two files from the project's source code into your Horde installation. Assuming your Horde installation location is /var/www/horde, copy the following files from Great DANE to Horde:

  • config/hooks.php -> /var/www/horde/config/hooks.php
  • config/prefs.local.php -> /var/www/horde/config/prefs.local.php


Navigate to Preferences -> Mail, then perform the following:

  • Set your user identity (name and email address) under Personal Information
  • Indicate whether attachments exist under Mailbox Display (Show Advanced Preferences)
  • Enable S/MIME functionality under S/MIME
  • Upload personal certificate under S/MIME
  • Configure Great DANE Engine address under Great DANE
  • (Optionally) enable opportunistic S/MIME encryption under Great DANE


Automatic Certificate Retrieval

Each time a public key/cert is used in IMP, the IMP_Crypt_Smime::getPublicKey function is called. This, in turn, calls an IMP Hook called 'smime_key', which we've implemented to use the Great DANE Engine. This hook is found in config/hooks.php. The hook attempts to retrieve and store all certificates for each recipient email address, returning only the first one for use in encrypting an outgoing message.

Opportunistic Encryption

All outgoing messages are constructed in IMP_Compose::buildAndSendMessage. Unfortunately there aren't any hooks called before messages are encrypted, so lib/Compose.php is patched to optionally perform Opportunistic Encryption. This code attempts to retrieve a public cert for all intended recipients and, if successful, automatically enables S/MIME encryption (and signing).

Automatic S/MIME encryption should soon be added to Horde IMP. Follow #12736 for more details.

To add Opportunistic Encryption to Horde Webmail, apply the Compose.php.patch patch in the lib/ directory of this project:

$ patch `/var/www/horde/imp/lib/Compose.php lib/Compose.php.patch


Opportunistic Encryption and the Great DANE Engine's HTTP address are configurable in the Great DANE preference pane. The pane and preferences are defined in config/prefs.local.php and found under Preferences -> Mail, below the S/MIME preference pane.


Dual-licensed under Apache License 2.0 and 3-Clause BSD License. See LICENSE.