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Introduction Build Status

MetaZ is an mp4 meta-data editor for macOS.
It started its life when another great meta-data editor MetaX stopped getting updated, some of the web-services it used changed in ways that broke functionality and it had some really anoying (to us at least) little missing things like no proper window resizing. This lead to us starting MetaZ as a reimplementation of MetaX with a few ideas of our own sprinkled in there.

Bugs / Feature request

For bugs and feature requests you can use our issue tracker at github


We have created some extra resources and small plugins that were deemed to small or silly to be included with the main program.

The classic moo from MetaX is finally available via a small MetaZ plugin you can download from here. To install it simply unpack the zip file and drop the unpacked script onto the MetaZ dock icon.

If you use Script Debugger from Late Night Software you are in luck because we have created a Script Debugger template for MetaZ plugins which illustrate the different types of events plugins can respond to. To get the template click here

Helping out


To build the project you need to have Xcode and Carthage installed.

Before you can build the project with Xcode you first need to download the needed submodules:

git submodule update --init

And then bootstrap the dependencies managed by Carthage:

carthage bootstrap

After those two steps you should be able to compile the project with Xcode normally.

Contribution steps

We follow GitHub flow, as a workflow. Basically:

  • Create a feature branch in your fork
  • Make your change with documentation as appropriate
  • Please run and test a release build before submitting a pull request!
  • Submit a pull request from your branch
  • Someone with commit access will review the code and merge it. This applies even if you also have commit access.

Becoming a committer

Going forward we will follow rubinius' lead and once you have one pull request accepted into MetaZ, we will add you to a team that has push+pull access. Basically you will get a big green merge button on other people's pull requests, and you will be able to commit those pull requests to the griff/metaz master branch.

This also means that you could push your commits directly to griff/metaz without going through a pull request. We ask that you not do this, however, so that any code on master has been reviewed. This does not apply to branches other than master; if there is long-term collaboration happening, create a feature branch and feel free to push directly to that (but have commits reviewed before merging that branch into master).

We reserve the right to take away this permission, but in general we trust you to give it to you.