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@@ -52,11 +52,8 @@ INSTALL:
- Install a fresh OpenWRT "Backfire" 10.03.1 onto your router.
I mean really fresh. Do not touch it after you flashed it!
If you already have an unclean install, do a reflash or
- rm -rf /overlay/* and reboot the router.
- - Please note that some systems don't support easy wipes with
- the rm -rf /overlay/* method. You can spot these by an empty
- /verlay directory. In these cases, you mus reflash the
- OpenWRT image for a clean install.
+ rm -rf /overlay/* and reboot the router. Prefer squashfs
+ images over jffs2 if given a choice.
- Make sure your Internet router does not use the IP address or any other address from the subnet.
Set it to (with subnet mask,
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