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  • scanned for vulnerabilities now that I'm prompting for user input; internet did not scream any forth at me, but use your own judgment
  • what version of Python are you building against? in 3.x the raw_input() function is replaced by input() (but in 2.x you should definitely use raw_input(), not the different and more dangerous input()).
MaStr commented Oct 23, 2012

I'm not very happy with the python solution, because changing SSID can be done with OpenWRT's uci command:

uci set "wireless.@wifi-iface[0].ssid=My nice network name" uci commit
(and a reboot or reload of network stuff)

So why create an additional soltion for this?!


griffey commented Oct 23, 2012

Matthias: originally it was because the text-based python solution was transparently easy to do, even for those of us without the understanding of the deeper mysteries of OpenWRT.

Does the uci command change the textfile that has the SSID in it? Or does it override it? My goal with the above was to have a script that prompted for user input re: SSID a python script is still an option, just using the uci command with that variable. Yes?

MaStr commented Oct 23, 2012

it changes the /etc/config/wireless file, yes.

griffey commented Oct 24, 2012

Ok then. I'll kill this particular pull request, and revisit just using the uci command. Unless you want to do it. :-)

I may do it on a branch initially, just for testing. I'm still figuring out git.

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