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This Sketch plugin gives you exporting plugins informations as text.

Easy to share plugin informations that you use to your team.

Supported format


  • Downloads latest plugin from here.
  • Unzip it, and doble click PluginsList.sketchplugin

How it works

  1. Open menu Plugins > Plugins List
  2. Select text format
  3. Choose Copy to pasteboard or Save to file...

Customizing template

You can provide your custom template. The plugin uses Mustache template engines. When you write your template file, run

  1. Open menu Plugins > Plugins List
  2. Click Export using custom template
  3. Select your custom template file.
  4. Choose Copy to pasteboard or Save to file...

Here is the mustache template spec links bellow.

Bultin templates are here as examples.

Available Values

Key Type Description
appcastURL String A URL to the plugin’s appcast file containing information about the available versions, including URLs to download specific versions. Sketch automatically checks this file for updates and notifies the user when there’s an update available.
author String Provides the name of the plugin author.
authorEmail String Specifies how to contact the plugin author by email. This is optional.
compatibleVersion String Defines the minimum version of Sketch required to run the plugin. This string must be provided using semantic versioning.
enabled Number(0/1) 1 when the plugin is enabled
homepageURL String Specifies a website address where users can find more information or provide feedback for the plugin. This is optional.
identifier String Defines a unique identifier for the plugin. This value is a string using reverse-domain syntax.
maximumCompatibleVersion String Defines the maximum version of Sketch supported by the plugin. This string is optional and must be using semantic versioning if provided.
name String Provides a human-readable name for the plugin when displayed to the user, e.g. within the Plugins menu or the list of installed plugins in the Sketch preferences.
pluginDescription String Provides a general description of what the plugin does.
suppliesData Number(0/1) Specifies if the plugin is a data supplier. If set to true a visual indicator is displayed with the plugin within the preference pane showing the list of all installed plugins.
url String File URL where the plugin is located in your machine.
version String The version of the plugin using semantic versioning.

See also Sketch Developer — Manifest