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redpen - Atom package

Validate your document using RedPen.

A screenshot of your spankin' package


I do not support Windows environment. I only support macOS.

$ apm install redpen


Install RedPen CLI

This package requires RedPen CLI version 1.5 or greater. Install with Homebrew

$ brew install redpen

Or you can install RedPen CLI manually from here

Set Up Paths

This package needs set up some paths from Settings

  • Path for RedPen CLI
    • /usr/local/redpen/bin/redpen is default
  • Path for Configuration XML File
    • RedPen CLI needs configuration XML file for validation. you can set your configuration XML file. This package uses preinstalled japanese configuration XML file as default if empty.
  • Locale for Configuration XML File
    • uses auto detect configuration XML file
  • JAVA_HOME Path
    • RedPen CLI needs JAVA_HOME path.


  1. open a text file as bellow
    • Markdown
    • Textile
    • Plain
    • AsciiDoc (requires RedPen CLI version 1.3)
    • LaTeX (requires RedPen CLI version 1.4)
  2. Select the RedPen: Validate command from Command Pallette. You can also execute it by hitting cmd-alt-o on OS X.
  3. You can see report pane at bottom.

You can use Validate on save option from Settings If you want to run validation each time a file is saved.

Searching Configuration XML

linter-redpen searches configuration XML. searching order is

  1. Path for Configuration XML File on settings
  2. in the same directory as the target text file
  3. in the project root directory
  4. directly under REDPEN_HOME
  5. directly under REDPEN_HOME/conf/
  6. bundled redpen-conf-ja.xml

Configuration XML File name shold be

  • redpen-conf.xml
  • redpen-conf-{LOCALE}.xml
    • ex: redpen-conf-ja.xml OR redpen-conf-en.xml

You can set your {LOCALE} on settings.


Validate your document using 'RedPen' on your Atom Editor




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