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LASA 2019 Design


Developed by Griffin Davis for the LASA Class of 2019.

This site is built with Jekyll, Bootstrap, and Sass. It is hosted on Google Firebase.

All pages, with the exception of 404.html, run off of the default.html layout, as found in the _layouts folder. This layout includes components from the _includes folder. In order to modify the navbar, the corresponding component can be edited in _includes/navbar.html. This will update all pages once the site is build with Jekyll. All pages can be found in the _pages collection, but these files are compiled into the main _site directory due to their permalink settings. All static assets, including compiled CSS, images, files, and Javascript, can be found in the assets folder.

Building the Site

  1. Install a Ruby Development Environment
  2. Install Jekyll and bundler gems
    • Run gem install jekyll bundler in a terminal
  3. Change to the site directory
  4. Install necessary dependencies via the Gemfile
    • Run bundle install
  5. Serve the site to see changes during development
  6. Build the site for deployment
    • Run bundle exec jekyll build
    • This will compile all Sass files into assets/css/main.css
    • The built site can be found in the _site folder

Creating a New Page

  1. Create a .html file in the _pages folder
  2. Use the following front matter so that Jekyll will use it in the build
    layout: default
    title: <Page Title>
  3. All asset links are done from the root directory: /assets/<folder>/<filename>

Modifying the Stylesheets

  • Modify the corresponding .scss files in the _sass folder of the unbuilt site
  • New classes can be added to _global.scss


The LASA 2019 design website source code.



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