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Get better at UNIX

This repo is a demonstrative set of files meant to train you to be better at UNIX. Every challenge is something I use often or have found to be very useful in day-to-day programming.

How to Play

  • Fork the repo
  • Read the first challenge, in
  • All challenges assume that you are in the demo/ folder.
  • When you figure out how to complete it, make a commit detailing what commands you ran. See the "Commit format" section below for guidelines.
  • Move on to
  • Rinse and repeat.

Commit format

  • First line: "Completing challenge N (COMMAND)."
  • Second line: blank.
  • Third-last lines: Detail the commands you ran, following the bulleted list in the challenge.

Follow the format here.


Finished challenge 1 (ls).

* ls --foo
* ls -1 \
     --foo \
     --bar \
* ls --bar -H

More info

Each challenge builds on previous ones, and each one introduces only one new concept. If you've mastered challenge N and you know how to use man, then you can do challenge N+1.

Does the name of this repo refer to anything?

Why yes! It refers to a Neal Stephenson essay called "In the Beginning was the Command Line". To download it, go here.