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Brings the Scala language compiler and libraries

Plugin page:

The Scala plugin enables compiling and running [Scala]]1 code on your Griffon application. Scala is a statically typed language for the JVM that has a great level of interoperability with Java, and so with Groovy too.


You must place all Scala code under $appdir/src/scala, it will be compiled first before any sources available on griffon-app or src/main which means you can't reference any of those sources from your Scala code, while the Groovy sources can. However in order to send a message back to the calling code you can create a Scala Trait (roughly equivalent to a Java interface) and have a Groovy class implement it. Another alternative would be the usage of Structural Types.

Starting with version 0.3 you will be able to use the LangBridge Plugin facilities to communicate with other JVM languages.


The BuildConfig.groovy file in the griffon-app/conf folder of your application can be used to configure behavior of the scala plugin.

scala.src.encoding='UTF-8'  //Scala src file encoding, UTF-8 by default

The following properties can be configured for scala-test

  • scala.test.parallel - run tests in parallel. Default: false.
  • scala.test.numthreads - set the number of threads for parallel execution.
  • scala.test.haltonfailure - whether to stop tests on failure or not. Default: false.
  • scala.test.fork - fork the jvm. Default: false.
  • scala.test.maxmemory - maximum memory to be used by test jvm.
  • scala.test.membersonly - specify suites using members-only or wildcard package names.
  • scala.test.wildcard - specify suites using members-only or wildcard package names.
  • scala.test.reporter.stdout - sets the flags for the stdout reporter. Default: FAB.
  • scala.test.reporter.file - sets the name for a file reporter.
  • scala.test.reporter.reporterClass - sets the className for a reporter class.
  • scala.test.scalaConfig - Map with additional properties.

The scala-test script supports the following command line flags:

  • stdout - overwrite the flags for the stdout reporter.
  • file - sets the name for a file reporter.
  • reporterClass - sets the className for a reporter class.
  • suite - only executes the specified suite.


  • scala-test - runs Scala tests found in $basedir/test/scalatest using Scalatest 1.9.1. Test classes must have Tests as suffix.
  • scala-repl - runs a Scala REPL with the application's classpath fully configured.