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Common dialogs

Plugin page:

The goal of this plugin is to provide a set of reusable dialogs.



This dialog is inspired in the find/replace utility available in TextMate. The following snippet shows how this dialog can be activated

    package sample

    import griffon.plugins.dialogs.Finder

    class SampleController {
        def view

        def find = {

The previous code assumes there's a View component identified by 'componentToSearch' that can be searched. By default only JTextComponent subclasses are supported. You'll have to follow these steps should you wish to support additional components:

  • Create an implementation of the griffon.plugins.dialogs.Searcher interface.
  • Register the implementation with griffon.plugins.dialogs.Finder. This task can be achieved in two ways:

    • Programmatically. By calling Finder.getInstance().registerSearcher(FooComponent.class, FooComponentSearcher.class).
    • Declaratively. By creating a file named META-INF/services/griffon.plugins.dialogs.Searcher with a line per searcher implementation following this format:

      com.acme.FooComponent = com.acme.FooComponentSearcher
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