Git support for Griffon
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Integrate a Griffon project with Git

Plugin page:

This plugin provides integration with Git, a free & open source, distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.


Once installed the plugin will initialize an empty Git repository if none is already available. It provides some basic commands for working with Git, perhaps the most important one is git-release in the context of a plugin or archetype project. Whenever a project of any of those types is released (by invoking release-plugin, release-archetype or just release) the plugin will automatically make a commit with the release message, tag the release and push it to the default remote.


The plugin makes use of the configuration available through the standard Git configuration files, that is $USER_HOME/.gitconfig and .git/config, however it allows you to override some of the configuration locally or globally, whether you place it in griffon-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy or $USER_HOME/.griffon/settings.groovy. Here's how the configuration may look like

git {
    author {
        name  = 'Andres Almiray'
        email = ''
    repositories {
        origin {
            username   = 'aalmiray'
            password   = '*******'
            passphrase = '*******'

You may define multiple named blocks inside the repositories block. Each one of these blocks defines in turn the credentials required to push to that particular repository. The passphrase property is only needed if connecting to a remote repository that requires SSH authentication.

This plugin will NOT setup SSH keys for you, it expects that configuration step to be already in place. If your intention is to publish to Github then please follow the instructions detailed in Github's help page.

Command flags

It's possible to disable the automatic tagging and pushing of a release when invoking release-plugin and/or release-archetype. You would like to do this when testing a release against a local artifact repository for example. Just specifiy the following flag either at the command line or in the project's settings

griffon -Dgit.disable.release=true release-plugin


  • git-add - Add file contents to the index
  • git-commit - Record changes to the repository
  • git-ignore - Add .gitignore patterns
  • git-init - Create an empty git repository or reinitialize an existing one
  • git-push - Update remote refs along with associated objects
  • git-release - Commits, tags and pushes a new release
  • git-status - Show the working tree status
  • git-tag - Create, list, or delete a tag object