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Code metrics plugin

Plugin page:

The GMetrics Plugin provides provides calculation and reporting of size and complexity metrics for Groovy source code. It uses the GMetrics library. It began as a port of the Grails GMetrics plugin created by Scott Ryan.

Usage ----_ The plugin provides a script 'gmetrics' that will analyze your code and write its results to an HTML file. Run the following command

griffon gmetrics

to perform the analysis.


The plugin requires no customization to run. By default it will analyze all Groovy files in

  • src/main
  • griffon-app/controllers
  • griffon-app/models
  • griffon-app/views
  • griffon-app/services

You can restrict which folders are included or add extra ones. The following table lists settings that will be read from griffon-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy and used if available:

Property Default Value Meaning
gmetrics.reportName 'gmetrics.html' the name of the analysis report file
gmetrics.reportLocation ${projectTargetDir}/test-reports/gmetrics the location of the analysis report file
gmetrics.reportType 'html' the report type; the only valid value is 'html'
gmetrics.reportTitle "GMetrics - $griffonAppName" the report title
gmetrics.processSrcGroovy true whether to analyze source in src/main/*.groovy
gmetrics.processControllers true whether to analyze source in griffon-app/controllers
gmetrics.processModels true whether to analyze source in griffon-app/models
gmetrics.processViews true whether to analyze source in griffon-app/views
gmetrics.processServices true whether to analyze source in griffon-app/services
gmetrics.processTestUnit true whether to analyze source in test/unit
gmetrics.processTestIntegration true whether to analyze source in test/integration
gmetrics.extraIncludeDirs none extra source directories to include
gmetrics.metricSetFile none additional metrics to run on the source

C.R.A.P. Metrics

C.R.A.P. stands for Change Risk Anti-Patterns. You can enable this metric by defining a value for gmetrics.metricSetFile. Follow these steps to get basic C.R.A.P. metrics on your application.

  1. Create a new file that will hold the metric definitions, for example crap.gmetrics.

  2. Paste the following code into the newly create file

    import org.gmetrics.metric.cyclomatic.CyclomaticComplexityMetric final COBERTURA_FILE = 'file:target/test-reports/cobertura/coverage.xml' metricset { def cyclomaticComplexityMetric = metric(CyclomaticComplexityMetric) def coberturaMetric = CoberturaLineCoverage { coberturaFile = COBERTURA_FILE functions = ['total'] } CRAP { functions = ['total'] coverageMetric = coberturaMetric complexityMetric = cyclomaticComplexityMetric } }

  3. Add the file to the gmetrics configuration block in BuildConfing.groovy (pay attention to the relative path)

    gmtetrics.metricSetFile = 'file:crap.gmetrics'

  4. Install the code-coverage plugin.

  5. Run tests with coverage enabled

    griffon test-app -coverage

  6. Run gmetrics after coverage has been stored

    griffon gmetrics