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GSQL support for Griffon
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Groovy SQL support

Plugin page:

The GSQL plugin enables lightweight access multiple SQL datasources. This plugin does NOT provide domain classes nor dynamic finders like GORM does.


Upon installation the plugin will generate the following artifacts in $appdir/griffon-app/conf:

  • BootstrapGsql.groovy - defines init/destroy hooks for data to be manipulated during app startup/shutdown.

This plugin relies on the facilities exposed by the datasource plugin.

Multiple Databases

The plugin expects a class BootstrapGsql_<datasourcename> to be available in the classpath. The default BootstrapGsql class will be used if the former could not be found.


A trivial sample application can be found at


This project requires all of its dependencies be available from maven compatible repositories. Some of these dependencies have not been pushed to the Maven Central Repository, however you can obtain them from lombok-dev-deps.

Follow the instructions found there to install the required dependencies into your local Maven repository before attempting to build this plugin.

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