Installers and launchers for Griffon apps
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Creates launchers and installers for your Griffon application

Plugin page:

The Installer plugin provides useful packaging and installation solutions for your Griffon application. The plugin creates two types of artifacts, launchers and installers. Launchers package your application in platform-specific ways, such as an .exe file for Windows and a .app bundle for Mac. Installers install your packaged app onto the user's computer. The current supported options are:


  • Windows (JSmooth) - creates a .exe for launching your application on Windows
  • Mac - creates a Mac application bundle (.app) for launching your application on Mac OS X


  • IzPack - platform independent installer, highly configurable.
  • RPM - RedHat Package Manager based installer, works on RedHat, Fedora, CentOS, Mandriva.
  • DEB - Debian based package installer, works on Debian, Ubuntu.
  • DMG - MacOSX disk image


Creating a launcher or installer is a two step process. First you prepare the configuration files for that launcher/installer by running the prepare-XXX script. This will copy the standard configuration files into the installer/XXX directory so you can tweak them as needed. This step only needs to be performed once for the application. The second step is to actually create the launcher/installer by running the create-XXX script. This will create the actual launcher or installer in the installer/XXX/dist directory. This step should be performed every time you want to release a new version of your application.

The provided scripts are:

  • prepare-deb / create-deb
  • prepare-rpm / create-rpm
  • prepare-izpack / create-izpack
  • prepare-mac / create-mac
  • prepare-jsmooth / create-jsmooth
  • prepare-windows / **create-windows **// delegates to jsmooth

All these targets can be called using the standard package command too, for example

griffon package izpack

produces the same result as

griffon prepare-izpack
griffon create-izpack


Preparing and creating the launchers is cross-platform, e.g. you can 'create-windows' even if you are developing on a Linux or Mac machine (and vice-versa). Building an DMG requires running MacOSX.