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Task dialogs for Swing

Plugin page:

Create a task Dialog based on Oxbow - A collection of projects for Swing UI enhancement Oxbow.


The following nodes will become available on a View script upon installing this plugin

Node Property Type Required Bindable
taskDialog title String yes no

This plugin exposes the following methods to help you create different types of dialogs:

  • ask() - Shows simple questions.
  • inform() - Shows simple information message.
  • confirm() - Shows simple confirmation message.
  • input() - Shows simple input message.
  • error() - Shows simple error message.
  • warn() - Shows simple warnning message.
  • showException() - Shows simple exception message.
  • radioChoice() - Simplifies the presentation of choice based on radio buttons
  • choice() - Produces choice dialog based on command links. Task dialog commands are suppressed.


On a View script

      iconImage: imageIcon('/griffon-icon-48x48.png').image,
      iconImages: [imageIcon('/griffon-icon-48x48.png').image,
      ) {
        panel {
        panel(constraints: NORTH) {
              gridLayout(columns: 1, rows: 8)
              label 'Dialogs:'
              button ('ask', actionPerformed: controller.askAction)
              button ('warnDialog', actionPerformed: controller.warnAction)
              button ('inform', actionPerformed: controller.informAction)
              button ('confirm', actionPerformed: controller.confirmAction)
              button ('error', actionPerformed: controller.errorAction)
              button ('showException', actionPerformed: controller.showExceptionAction)
              button ('choice', actionPerformed: controller.choiceAction)

On a Controller

    import com.ezware.dialog.task.CommandLink 
    class SampleController {
        def model
        def view

        def askAction = { evt = null ->
            println ask("Foo", "bar")
        def warnAction = { evt = null ->
            println warn("Foo", "bar")
        def informAction = { evt = null ->
            println inform("Foo", "bar")
        def confirmAction = { evt = null ->
            println confirm("Foo", "bar")
        def errorAction = { evt = null ->
            println error("Foo", "bar")
        def showExceptionAction = { evt = null ->
            println showException(new Exception())
        def choiceAction = { evt = null ->
            println choice("Foo", "bar", 2, new CommandLink("Foo","bar"), new CommandLink("Foo1","bar1"))
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