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Ratpack - embedded micro web framework

Plugin page:

The Ratpack plugin enables the usage of an embedded Ratpack server.


You can create as many Ratpack applications within the same Griffon application. Every Ratpack app will have it's own space but all share the same servlet context. Dependency injection should work just fine with a Ratpack application; the same can be said regarding usage of the Artifact API.


At the moment the only setting that can be changed is the port used for the embedded Jetty server, which is 5000 by default. You can change this setting by specifying a flag in griffon-app/conf/Config.groovy

    ratpack.port = 5544

Page templates should be placed in griffon-app/resources/ratpack/templates. Static content should be placed in griffon-app/resources/ratpack/public.


  • create-ratpack-app - creates a new Ratpack definition under griffon-app/ratpack.


Invoking the create-ratpack-app with First as the application name results in the following file being created griffon-app/ratpack/sample/FirstRatpackApp.groovy

    package sample
    class FirstRatpackApp {
        final Closure routes = {
            get('/') {
                'Hello from FirstRatpackApp'

Once the application is running you can point a browser to http://localhost:5000/sample/first/

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