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Swing support for Griffon
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Enables Swing support

Plugin page:

Enables the usage of Swing based components in Views.


This plugin enables the usage of the following nodes inside a View.

Swing Nodes

All nodes from SwingBuilder. All nodes follow a naming convention that makes it easy to determine the type of object the create. Take for example JButton. Remove the first character from the name (J) then uncapitalize the next one. You end up with button. That's the name of the node you must use if what you want is to create an instance of a JButton. Apply the same rule for every Swing class that begins with a capital J. For all other classes you only need to uncapitalize the first character, for example GridLayout becomes gridLayout.

Groovy Nodes

The following nodes are provided by SwingBuilder too, however they have no direct relationship with a particular Swing/AWT class.

  • widget
  • container
  • bean
  • noparent
  • application

Property Editors

This plugin contributes the following property editors

Type Format
java.awt.Color #RGB ; #RGBA ; #RRGGBB; #RRGGBBAA ; Color constant
java.awt.Dimension width, height
java.awt.Font family-style-size
java.awt.GradientPaint x1, y1, #RGB, x2, y2, #RGB, CYCLIC
java.awt.Image path/to/image_file
java.awt.Insets top, left, bottom, right
java.awt.LinearGradientPaint xy, y1, x2, x2, [0.0, 1.0], [#RGB, #RGB], REPEAT
java.awt.Point x, y
java.awt.Polygon x1, y1, x2, y2, ..., xn, yn
java.awt.RadialGradientPaint xy, y1, r, fx, fy, [0.0, 1.0], [#RGB, #RGB], REPEAT
java.awt.Rectangle x, y, width, height
java.awt.geom.Point2D x, y
java.awt.geom.Rectangle2D x, y , width, height
javax.swing.Icon path/to/image_file


  • CYCLIC may be true or false.
  • REPEAT must be one of MultipleGradientPaint.CycleMethod.
  • GradientPaint supports another format: x1, y1 | x2, y2, | #RGB, #RGB | CYCLIC
  • Color supports all color constants defined by griffon.swing.Colors.
  • All color formats are supported by gradient editors.

The following styles are supported by FontPropertyEditor

  • BOLD

Default Imports

The following packages are automatically imported in Views

  • javax.swing
  • javax.swing.event
  • javax.swing.table
  • javax.swing.text
  • javax.swing.tree
  • java.awt
  • java.awt.event

Watch out for usages of the type List, as it gets imported from two places (java.util.List and java.awt.List). You must use the fully qualified class name in order to avoid the wrong type being inferred by the compiler.


Checking EDT Violations

It's possible to check for EDT violations by specifying the following System property: griffon.swing.edt.violations.check. For example, while invoking griffon run-app like this

griffon -Dgriffon.swing.edt.violations.check=true run-app

EDT Hang Monitor

Sometimes an operation running inside the EDt may take more time that what it's supposed to but it's hard to figure out where the problem lies exactly. The Swing plugin enables an EDT hang monitor to be run as long as the following System property is set: griffon.swing.edt.hang.monitor. The default timeout is set to 1000. Should you require a higher timeout then specify an integer value (in ms) for griffon.swing.edt.hang.monitor.timeout. Lower values than 1000 are not accepted.

Here's a sample invocation with these two properties set

griffon -Dgriffon.swing.edt.hang.monitor=true -Dgriffon.swing.edt.hang.monitor.timeout=1500 run-app

Note: it's not recommended to enable either of these flags in production mode. These checks should be performed during development and/or testing.

Tool Support

DSL Descriptors

This plugin provides DSL descriptors for Intellij IDEA and Eclipse (provided you have the Groovy Eclipse plugin installed). These descriptors are found inside the griffon-swing-compile-x.y.z.jar, with locations

  • dsdl/swing.dsld
  • gdsl/swing.gdsl
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