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Add a timer function so that sikwidgets can return the time it takes for a certain state to appear
Add a print_timing decorator to all functions that prints how long it
took to evaluate if settings.DEBUG is true
Cache the hell out of all things Table-related, and find all ways to speed searching up.
Consider using onAppear and onChange events for efficiency (scrolling especially)
Make sure all "parent" regions and region methods make sense and follow a uniform behavioral structure
Add "pause" method that pops up a dialog with specified text and waits for the user to press "OK" - this already exists as popup()
Improve cell-finding algorithm by considering the whole space below the column as one region and doing a findAll on the cell_value. Then, based on the returned matches calculate which row each cell is in.
In the case of wanting to find only the first matching cell, the current algorithm could be kept, or the new one could be used and the Match object at the lowest y position would be the 'first'.
Migrate away from using the terminal for input (especially for the
capture screenshot section).. Use popups and inputs
Can ScrollableWidget be abstracted enough so that child widgets don't have to worry about handling specific scrolling
situations, such as with a Table? Probably not.
## Future Work
Don't require an application. Allow certain widgets to be used within scripts to automate certain tasks that may require using multiple apps?